MUSIC in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

Washington DC based singer/songwriter LEA plays SoulFolk, a blend of gospel, jazz, country, R&B and contemporary folk. Often compared to Tracy Chapman and India.Arie, LEA has been featured at the Kennedy Center, The Music Center at Strathmore, as well as other venues in the US and Europe. LEA has shared stage with Dar Williams, Anthony Hamilton, Vivian Green, Mavis Staples and the legendary Odetta. LEA proudly plays Breedlove guitars. Download full Biography

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Someday at Christmas

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where [all] are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmastime

– Stevie Wonder

If you haven’t heard this song, go forth and YouTube it. You will be glad you did. And you have your choice: Stevie, Jackson 5 or Justin Bieber.

We have to believe a thing is possible and then inevitable to even begin to move ourselves in its direction.

Peace and good will towards everybody.
Love, Lea

Jiggity Jig

Well, we’re home again. More on that later…kpw-photo 2014-08-15 LEA & Friends LEA-9361

After a month of visiting family and performing in Germany, I’ve got a few new insights into life. Not the least of these is that I am in love with (if not addicted to) sold-out shows. Walking on stage in a room full of enthusiastic souls who want to receive the music and the stories and give back their love, as well … there isn’t much like it.

I do what I do to connect. Hands open, palms up to give and receive. When I open my eyes at the end of a song and feel that there is another pair of hands, resting on top of mine, it all makes sense.

Thanks, Germany. I will see you all again soon.

Hello again, home. Shall we dance?

2nd Half

So, July 2 is officially the beginning of the second half of the year. That makes today the intermission or half time… and I’m taking inventory on how I played the first half.

And I had those whole long thing I wanted to write and my daughter put on this song that I think you should hear if you haven’t already. Perhaps it sums up everything I want to say.

for now.

“Throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right.”

Shift Happens

So, all of this will be explained in the video, but I met the amazing Rev. Dr. Grace Telesco at a concert for interfaith clergy members. As it turns out, she was as drawn to my music as I am to hers. Last weekend, she even gave a talk and used two of the songs from Promise as highlights.

My takeaway from what she shares is “You don’t have to wait for something ‘meaningful’ to come into your life to enjoy what you do… Joy does not come from what you do, [anyway]… Joy comes from within and flows into what we do.”

- WATCH THE VIDEO HERE -  Shift Happens at Darshan Center (inspiration alert!!)

Amen Rev. G. and thank you so much for the timely reminder.

My work here: love, serve, remember.

You May Never Know

When I heard the news about Maya Angelou, the moderator also gave a brief biography that included her work as a poet, cook and prostitute.  Immediately, I knew I had to write a song, in honor of her contribution to so many lives and in recognition of the fact that countless such brilliant minds made be serving in kitchens, beds and prisons around the world. The title “You May Never Know” struck me as the proper way to express the worth and beauty that might be lost and ignored. The song turned into more of a reprise of Lansgton Hughes’ Dream Deferred, but I think the last chorus manages to speak the gratitude I wanted to express to Maya for becoming and sharing the most brilliant version of herself. Reminding us what we are all capable of, in our own unique way.

A Business Plan

I’ll be perfectly honest. I’ve never thought of myself or what I do as a business. It’s a calling, a joy, an honor to have music in me and to get to share it with people.

Any artist can tell you that one of the biggest challenges is to think with a financial mind when marketing an offering that you would make for free. Heck, I’ve played a lot of occasions that brought me more joy and fulfillment than money could buy.

With that in mind, I see no honor in being a starving musician. I intend to be a thriving musician. Considering the level of success I’ve had without planning, there’s every reason to believe that an actual plan will be the missing link to reaching the world in the biggest way possible.


My Beating Heart

2011-02_enews-Article_Myth-Reality_Woman-with-hands-over-heart-300x226There was a challenge to list only the things I like best about my body. It only took a few seconds to find and focus on the couple of elements of my appearance that I truly enjoy. When that was done, I kind of felt like -” is that all?”

Later, after a walk, I lay down for a bit of silence. It doesn’t happen often, but in that moment, I could feel my heart. Not only beating in my chest, but somehow I could feel the pulse in my legs. It occurred to me that this was the answer to the challenge.

I love the wisdom and perfection of my body, its beating heart, its constantly filling lungs, all the quiet and subtle ways in which every cell works together, effortlessly, to make me who and what I am.

When I get good and clear on the miracle that I am, what is there not to love?

You Can Go Your Own Way

two-roads-diverged1This morning, I had a little minor crisis, on my way driving the little guy to pre-school. I started thinking about the choice we made to enroll him in the program, let him get a head start on school while I start fresh and fully excited about growing my career. Of course, that all makes sense. At the same time, these are the formative years that will never return. This is my chance to let him in on things I’m learning that they just don’t teach in school.

The crisis is really just a question: what is the right balance between turning over our little ones to the status quo and preserving space to create and explore their own way?

The same question applies to us grownups. To what extent are we writing our own stories or are we just living lives that are prescribed for us by various external forces? The answer is for each of us to decide in each moment, I guess.

Cosmic Thoughts

Sspace_eye_narrowweb__300x338,2pecial thanks to Jim Lefter of Cosmic Thoughts for the stirring interview.

Please have a listen and if it turns out we don’t believe exactly the same things, believe me, it’s okay. I still love you :)

Ep 8 Lea Morris V1

Check it Out. Elementary School Assembly Video


Part of what I’ve been up to these days is writing songs with Paul Reisler of Kid Pan Alley and his cadre of 3500+ kids. So far, I’ve gotten to write and sing with about a hundred, but I just joined his ranks in fall of 2013. I love the heart of work, which is all about honoring the creativity in kids.

Here’s a brief video from one of our assembly performances. I especially love that we are singing about the urgent need to care for our earth.


Kid Pan Alley and the NSO

My favorite part of this news clip is the kids’ answer to the question, what have you been up to. “Practicing.”

We had gone over tkids-music-classheir song once or twice (Twice probably made it once too many for them :)
There’s nothing quite like spontaneity. That is part of the magic of working with Kid Pan Alley. Like Janika said, “We all put a little piece in the song and it comes together.”

Click this link to check out the result of one precious hour with Paul Reisler and 25 precious kids.



Vast Territory

I take this amazing busy existence I lead as a good thing. The blessing of a vast and growing territory. Life quite abundant.

There are usually at least 2 places I’d like to be at once, at all times. Often more.

multiplicityRemember that movie “Multiplicity” with Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell? So, the guy clones himself in order to be able to take care of chores, work life, his relationship and to have some time to himself. Besides the fact that each copy got a bit more dull than the previous, he realized that he, himself, could not enjoy what the others were experiencing. The moral of the story for me, right now, is that the best I can do is be present to each part of my vast territory as I am there and do my best to enjoy the abundance. :)

So no, I won’t be having myself cloned. Just really working on being here, now, wherever I am.

Happy New Year

Today, I received a very simple and brief message. May it bring you and me all the very best that is in us for this new year and beyond.

Fan the flame!

Kindle within you a passion for the countless gifts life is giving you.

Ohrwurm :)



I send my love over the mountains
I send my love over the sea
I send my love into the heavens
and it returns to me.
- Karen Drucker


If there was ever a song worth having stuck in your head, this is it…

Have a beautiful day.


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