“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

Washington DC based singer/songwriter LEA describes her music as SoulFolk. At the stylistic center between the earthy tones of Tracy Chapman and the urban/ethereal sound of India.Arie, her music has been featured at the Kennedy Center, The Music Center at Strathmore, as well as other venues in the US and Europe.
LEA has shared stage with Dar Williams, Anthony Hamilton, Vivian Green, Mavis Staples and the legendary Odetta.


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This is LEA – Video Introduction

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lea_guitar_standingListen to a few samples here or purchase albums and listen to a complete selection of samples at CDBaby.

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My Beating Heart

2011-02_enews-Article_Myth-Reality_Woman-with-hands-over-heart-300x226There was a challenge to list only the things I like best about my body. It only took a few seconds to find and focus on the couple of elements of my appearance that I truly enjoy. When that was done, I kind of felt like -” is that all?”

Later, after a walk, I lay down for a bit of silence. It doesn’t happen often, but in that moment, I could feel my heart. Not only beating in my chest, but somehow I could feel the pulse in my legs. It occurred to me that this was the answer to the challenge.

I love the wisdom and perfection of my body, its beating heart, its constantly filling lungs, all the quiet and subtle ways in which every cell works together, effortlessly, to make me who and what I am.

When I get good and clear on the miracle that I am, what is there not to love?

You Can Go Your Own Way

two-roads-diverged1This morning, I had a little minor crisis, on my way driving the little guy to pre-school. I started thinking about the choice we made to enroll him in the program, let him get a head start on school while I start fresh and fully excited about growing my career. Of course, that all makes sense. At the same time, these are the formative years that will never return. This is my chance to let him in on things I’m learning that they just don’t teach in school.

The crisis is really just a question: what is the right balance between turning over our little ones to the status quo and preserving space to create and explore their own way?

The same question applies to us grownups. To what extent are we writing our own stories or are we just living lives that are prescribed for us by various external forces? The answer is for each of us to decide in each moment, I guess.

Cosmic Thoughts

Sspace_eye_narrowweb__300x338,2pecial thanks to Jim Lefter of Cosmic Thoughts for the stirring interview.

Please have a listen and if it turns out we don’t believe exactly the same things, believe me, it’s okay. I still love you :)

Ep 8 Lea Morris V1

Check it Out. Elementary School Assembly Video


Part of what I’ve been up to these days is writing songs with Paul Reisler of Kid Pan Alley and his cadre of 3500+ kids. So far, I’ve gotten to write and sing with about a hundred, but I just joined his ranks in fall of 2013. I love the heart of work, which is all about honoring the creativity in kids.

Here’s a brief video from one of our assembly performances. I especially love that we are singing about the urgent need to care for our earth.


Kid Pan Alley and the NSO

My favorite part of this news clip is the kids’ answer to the question, what have you been up to. “Practicing.”

We had gone over tkids-music-classheir song once or twice (Twice probably made it once too many for them :)
There’s nothing quite like spontaneity. That is part of the magic of working with Kid Pan Alley. Like Janika said, “We all put a little piece in the song and it comes together.”

Click this link to check out the result of one precious hour with Paul Reisler and 25 precious kids.



Vast Territory

I take this amazing busy existence I lead as a good thing. The blessing of a vast and growing territory. Life quite abundant.

There are usually at least 2 places I’d like to be at once, at all times. Often more.

multiplicityRemember that movie “Multiplicity” with Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell? So, the guy clones himself in order to be able to take care of chores, work life, his relationship and to have some time to himself. Besides the fact that each copy got a bit more dull than the previous, he realized that he, himself, could not enjoy what the others were experiencing. The moral of the story for me, right now, is that the best I can do is be present to each part of my vast territory as I am there and do my best to enjoy the abundance. :)

So no, I won’t be having myself cloned. Just really working on being here, now, wherever I am.

Happy New Year

Today, I received a very simple and brief message. May it bring you and me all the very best that is in us for this new year and beyond.

Fan the flame!

Kindle within you a passion for the countless gifts life is giving you.

Ohrwurm :)



I send my love over the mountains
I send my love over the sea
I send my love into the heavens
and it returns to me.
- Karen Drucker


If there was ever a song worth having stuck in your head, this is it…

Have a beautiful day.





Everyone dies.



Not everyone truly lives.

Looking Up

I had the best day of my life yesterday. At least one of the best.

And it wasn’t that everything wDawn_-_swifts_creek02ent exactly as I had planned. As a matter of fact, I made a detailed outline of how I wanted the day to go and it definitely did NOT go that way. Some of the things I wrote out happened and others did not.

What made the day so exceptional was that, by grace and practice and more grace, I was able to focus on the very best of whatever was taking place. Flexibility, gratitude, curiosity, hope and openness to the good that was available, even though it wasn’t what I thought I wanted, brought me even more joy than I had bargained for.

I intend to do the same thing today, tomorrow and on every best day of the rest of my life.

Higher Love

Today, I’ve been challenged to get in on a higher love.

imagesYou ever think about why we love the people, places, animals… that we do. It’s often because they are beautiful, kind, talented. In some way or another they make us feel good. They help us see the beauty of life.  So, in a sense, we are exchanging our  love like little more than currency. You make me feel good – I love you.

So, where does that leave those parts of creation that we don’t care for at all. Or what happens when our so-called loved ones don’t act as we might like them to. This is, I believe, when that higher love comes in.

Last night, Laela and I watched the movie, Gravity. One of my favorite parts of the whole, immaculate film, was when George Clooney’s character was floating away, to certain death. His response, “Wow. The sun on the ganges.”

I want to love like that.




… what you wish for.

rabbit_in_a_hatSo, I recently made a rather big stink about desiring more spontaneity in my life.

Within 24 hours of the proclamation, I received an answer in the form of a smoking car full of myself, husband and two kids. We, spontaneously, decided it was wisest to take the metro home – at 9 on a school night. The following day brought more adventures in going to pick up the car, watching it smoke by day light, trudging 2 hours from school with a 4 year old. (who was actually quite awesome about the whole thing. I kept using the word “adventure”)

All very spontaneous.

Not what I meant.


Ama Chandra

Last month, I had the honor and pleasure of opening for Fruition. They are a Baltimore group whose tight, sweet, all positive, community oriented jazz deserves its own article.
Today, though, I want to keep the focus on their vocalist, Ama Chandra.
Now, bear in mind, some experiences, some voices are transcendent. No amount of fishing around for the right words to convey an impression is going to do them justice.
To spare myself the effort, I will simply say that I was transported, nearly literally, by her voice. When I released the desire to understand and dissect her gritty, yet clarion tone (As a singer, I wanted to know what she was doing right). The moment I stopped trying to comprehend her gift and managed to quell that quiet envy, I let go and she took me to another place.
On Ama’s website, you can hear samples from her CD. It’s a beautiful collection, recorded with great musicians. I especially love the songs sung in Portuguese, because again, I’m not trying to relate or interpret. I’m just listening and enjoying her gift. Still, you can only really know what I experienced when you get out and experience Ama Chandra “live” and in person and see where she takes you.

Best. Day. Ever.

“Today is the best day ever.”

My son said so this morning without any real explanation.
He later explained it was the best day because it is raining and the trees are getting some water. Then, he said it was the best day because his body is healing itself and that means he gets a day off from school.
I think I’m going to make this my new mantra and be on the lookout for reasons to prove that it is so, every day.
Even better,  I can look for ways to make it so.


There’s a penalty when we don’t drive carefully. What happens when something as light, and seemingly harmless as the words we choose are hurtful to others? It can happen whether we intend it to or not, in subtle ways that we may not ever notice. That’s why it’s so vital to be careful and aware what we’re saying, as if we were behind the wheel of a powerful, potentially deadly machine.

sticks_and_stonesNot that I’ve never said anything that hurt anybody’s feelings. My little sister (is 29 and 6 inches taller than I am) still reminds me how I used to taunt her 20 years ago. She doesn’t hold it against me, I don’t think. In fact, I get the feeling she’s still holding it against herself. We can’t control how anybody else is going to interpret what we’re going to say, we can certainly do our best to choose words that we think will lift others up, help create more connection, more light and hope.

I’ve heard some harsh words and had too many occasions in the last week or so to wonder whether human evolution has completely stalled. In those moments, I am trying to remember that the only thing I can control is myself. Here’s hoping, when the crazy world and some of its inhabitants are doing their damnedest to break my heart, that I can be very intentional with the love I send back at them and to everyone else.

Now, any thoughts on being reckless with love? Next post, maybe…


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    Boogie Babes Kid's Show at Union Market

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    Little Acorn Patch – Kingstowne

    12:00 am-12:00 am

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LEA_lyrics_accent_imageMy definite purpose in life is to use every gift I receive to inspire, encourage, challenge, unify and celebrate. With my music and other talents, I intend to help rekindle the memory in each of us that humanity is one branch of the family of earth.

Creation (2000)
Looking Forward (2003)
Shine On (2005)
Something Worth Keeping (2007)
Get It Right (2009)
Miles To Go (2010)
Now – (Front Porch/August 2013)

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Did you know LEA is music teacher at Little Acorn Patch pre-school. She brings a special energy, her bag of instruments and interactive songs to birthdays, festivals, libraries and wherever the kids are. From the familiar children’s classics to tunes by Raffi and Ella Jenkins, LEA’s motto is to Play, Dance and Sing.

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