LEA performs with Jon Carrol and Dan Hovey at the Bandhouse Gigs/Strathmore tribute to Joni Mitchell. Woodstock.

Performed on June 29, 2013 at the Stone Room House Concerts in Falls Church, VA. www.thisislea.com www.stoneroomconcerts.com

You'll never know why the caged bird sings until you've walked a mile in her wings The world is full of mysterious things that you may never know You'll never hear the dirges I've heard Until you've had all your dreams deferred The whispering wind, a stuttering word That you

Special thanks to Ronnie Newmyer of the Newmyer Flyer for inviting us to be part of the "Like Your Dad Did" concert at the Hamilton in DC on June 21, 2013. We had a blast, as always, sharing a lovely stage with these fantastic musicians.