Welcome Home

My family spent the last three weeks in Germany. The first time I was there was 20 years ago. Like then, the folks were curious about our choice in president.

Also while there, I met a writer from Kenya where last week they had a vote which resulted in the "election" of the incumbent. (the quotes are hers)

But I don't want to talk politics, exactly. Just tell you where my head is and listen if you care to share your thoughts.

In the airport on the way back, we watched some CNN coverage on recent events right here at home - in Charlotteville, VA and specifically the presidential response to those events.  

I can't control anyone other than myself, so I choose to become escalate the love I express, for absolutely everyone I encounter - without exception. As soon as I stated that intention out loud, I was sent a cosmic challenge.

We traveled with three kids. The 1-year-old was whimpering, the eight-year-old crouched in a corner threatening vomit, and the teen had vanished into the bathroom all the way up to and through the last call to board. 

Was I feeling all the love in the world? Umm, no. And I gave that teenager heck. Y'all know her. You can ask. 
I am, after all, only human. 

As irony would have it, when we get home and opened our three weeks worth of mail, at the top of the pile were my teenager's very first license plates. She special ordered a set with the caption "peace begins at home."

Duly noted, Universe. Duly noted.