Bernard Ebb Awards and Beyond

It was a pleasure to be in the line-up of finalists in the Bernard Ebb Songwriting Contest last night. At the end of the evening, I stood between powerhouses, Peter Garza and Matthew Hemmer, shared a brief hug with the fabulous, Ruut DeMeo and was stunned for just a moment when I heard Cathy Bernard's son call my name. Also recognized were Calista Garcia, Luke Brindley, Be Steadwell, Eli Pafumi and last year's winner, Justin Jones.

"What's next?" It seems to be a popular question after an event like this. My mind is bubbling over with ideas. Most of them have been imagination seeds for the last few years. In a lot of ways, they've been poking up green in opportunities like Kid Pan Alley's elementary school workshops and Carpe Diem and Strathmore's invitations to share concerts in elder care facilities.

More making music in the community is next!! I expect this event will help launch even more SongVersations* which is what I'm all about. I am looking forward to singing, writing, sharing and continuing to grow and shine with you!

(*for the record, the word occurred to me before India.Arie produced an amazing album by the same title. Just goes to show about great minds...)