Sweet Summer Days - takes the gold! :)

I get the opportunity to do a lot of cool projects. Recording/interpreting the songs of the children's songs of ethical/humanist community was one of the most interesting assignments I've had in a while.  The CD is called Just The World in Motion. Stop by CDBaby and have a listen.


Many thanks to Peter Bishop, who sired this project and figured I'd be a good artist to bring these songs that he co-wrote with fellow philosophers*  to teach the children in their group about their world view. Many, though not all, of the perspectives resonated directly with mine. (*with 3 exceptions)

The only thing that was missing in the collection was a song in celebration of summer. So, I figured I'd write one and toss it in the mix. In 2016, I entered it into the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and it was awarded the Gold in the Children and Family division. So, here it is. Winning this award is a great way to kick off the year and a little, sweet slice of summer to help get us through the chilly days.