Drive Your Life

I awoke this morning, abruptly, as if from nightmare. This one phrase plagued my mind:  "Like a passenger.”

None of the other details from the dream are clear. Only the idea that I was living like a passenger. It felt like I was getting a call from myself to drive my life. Rather than just accept the default. Rather than putting the thing in autopilot, riding shotgun and falling asleep.

It made me think of a song I used to sing with the Jones Family Gospel Singers. Christian Automobile.” One line in the song goes, ”Prayer is your driver’s license and faith is your steering wheel.”

I tend to think that prayer (or intentional thought) is fuel and that faith is the gas pedal - it’s what makes you get up and go. So, yes, Self. I accept the invitation to drive my life. I reckon the first step is to figure out where I want to go.