What a World!

I had the honor of singing at a memorial service today. It's always so special to be allowed into a family's private, precious moments this way. From baby birthdays through last goodbyes, graduations, weddings, retirements... it's mesmerizing to have seen so many strangers' humanity so intimately. Thanks to living in this fabulously diverse part of this country, I've celebrated with folks from a fascinating array of cultures and ethnicities.

I love what I do! and on days like this, I leave the gig feeling more human and more awake than I was before.

Something the minister said stuck with me. I'm paraphrasing. Before the dearly departed left for good, she woke from an unresponsive sleep to discover that everything had changed. The nurse was more beautiful, sunshine through the windows was warmer and brighter, the tears in her children's eyes were scintillating, not sad.

It makes me ask myself - what do I have to do to see the world that way before I near death? As in today. Now.

The last song I sang was What A Wonderful World. Music like that helps me get there. Meditation. Seeing my kids be their awesome selves when they don't know anyone is watching.

What does it for you? What reminds you of how amazing life is?