What the Heck is Time Anyway?

It never fails to get a little philosophical when I’m hanging out with my kids, man. The things they're learning make me see or seek so much more vividly. Today is a Monday. The first day back to school after the Thanksgiving holiday. Jakob sighs to me, “Sometimes it feels like every day is a century.”

Yeah. Sometimes it does feel that way. I promised I’d try to help him get to the bottom of that.

Maybe it's not any big mystery at all.  Jake is 7 and I definitely hear a lot of “I’m bored” from the guy. It’s especially tough when there’s no one else playing outside, he’s been reading for hours and he’s not allotted anymore screen time for the day. It may really be just as simple as good old fashioned boredom. Sometimes, my days blend together in such a predictable pattern that the thrill… well. I really got to go get it. Sometimes, the thrill is as easy as find as writing a song. Some days, it's pretty darn elusive.

Yesterday, Jake and I were listening to a series of songs about the seasons. We talked a little about how each day is a lot like a year. Morning breaks like spring, fresh and full of promise. Noon is summer, hot and heavy. Evening is fall and the nighttime is winter, when life takes a rest. That could have something to do with it, too. The days are colder and shorter now and it feels like we're rowing our boats down a river of frozen molasses.

Time is a strange concept, Jake. Maybe the best we can do is to breathe deeply often and try to our fill our time with people and experiences we find lovely. At least that way, whether it's flying or crawling by, it always feels well-spent.

You got any other thoughts?