Grateful (A Thanksgiving Love Song)

Um... Thought I'd published this on Thanksgiving. Guess not :)

So, I was planning to record Mary Chapin Carpenter's fabulous Thanksgiving Song and decided, maybe I ought to write my own. After half a dozen false starts, here's what shook down. Let me know what you think.

When I'm hungry
You fill me up
When I'm thirsty
You take my cup
And you bring me
The holiest of holy water

When I'm drowning
You take my hand
When I'm burning
you understand
Oh, you sing with me
Til all my worries are forgotten

Love's not a treasure you could pay for
But it's a pleasure that I'll gladly stay for

You are the turkey
In my four course Dinner
You're my Hot fudge sundae too
Every day's my birthday
I'm a sweepstakes Winner
Grateful grateful
It's great to be
Loved by you

When I doubt it
You keep the faith
And without it
I'd lose my way
Just what would I be
God only knows about it

And maybe I could never earn this kind of love
I only pray you feel that I return your love

Iā€™m born anew
Just like a clean beginner
I want to learn something true
Sweet hallelujah
You redeem this sinner
I'm grateful grateful

What did I do
To deserve you
What did I do
To deserve you

Grateful grateful