Too Much Fun?

My favorite movie of 1995 was Strange Days. Ralph Fiennes is addicted to Virtual Reality recordings of his past. Angela Bassett helps him expose a murder conspiracy. They live happily ever after starting on New Years Eve. Seen it?

I can’t promise that it holds up after 20 years. But the concept is relevant, especially as Samsung is releasing this new VR tech that I’m definitely curious to check out ... Especially as we stream whole seasons of TV shows and movies ... Especially when most of the people you pass on the street avoid eye contact in lieu of whatever's on the phone. (Never me, of course ;)

Had a conversation with a young woman that reminded me, again, to be more aware of how (and why and how much) I’m entertaining myself. Specifically, she talked about the next presidency and how important it will be to remain vigilant,  to hold our government accountable, to keep each other safe. She talked, too, about how very tempting it might become to retreat into all this great entertainment instead of dealing with our (at times challenging) reality.

When I mentioned that to Laela (16), she pointed to another movie, WALL-E, in which humanity is literally unable to walk, never communicates face to face, even when physically together. Everything is instant, easy, fun and people are practically helpless against impending doom of our own making.

The idea is so poignant because it’s so plausible. Nothing is inevitable, though. Society is made up of individuals. We'll become what we allow or steer ourselves to become.

The irony of getting these warnings from movies is not lost on me. I love movies for so many reasons. I have, and probably will again, binge watch TV shows that move me. It's amazing to be able to instantly access music from around the world. Entertainment is part of what makes us human. It's valuable as a way to unwind, recharge, communicate (sometimes subversively).

Just thought I'd share since, I took that conversation as a reminder to watch - myself.