Lessons from Luci: A Way to Start the Day

Hello Everything. I love you.

Hello Everything. I love you.

Lucia, our almost 9 month old, is becoming more expressive and frankly more like a human than a puppy, every day. If you’ve ever watched an infant grow up, you know what I mean. She crawls around under foot, tries to chew on everything. It’s entirely adorable seeing her literally evolve.

This morning, after she shook off her waking up grumpiness, she put on a huge, toothless grin and waved out of the window, as if to say “Good morning, everything. I love you.”

Sure, I put the words in her mouth, but they were words I needed to say. Words I needed to repeat a few times and that I want to keep saying to myself regardless of the circumstances around me.

Hello, everything. I love you. Even though some of you terrify me. Some of the people, some weather patterns, some changes and some of the things that don’t seem to ever change frighten and sadden me. I love you all and although I don’t understand or agree with all of you, I’m going to keep working on making my choices start with I love you.