The American Heir

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It's a few days before this election. I, intentionally,i haven't weighed in on it, because I don't really think it's my business to try to influence other people's points of view. (This from a person who was once a deeply devout, evangelical Christian).

It seems important to me, though, to say that in the last few days, my 7 year old has circled a picture of Trump in a newspaper and reported "If he's elected, I'm moving to Canada." To be fair, he likely heard some similar sentiment from his (European born) father. I ask the boy what he knows about the man. You got to be able to back up your convictions, not just talk trash.

Looks like Billy the Kid to me

Looks like Billy the Kid to me

It makes me downright sad to watch my bi-racial, 16 year old daughter consistently demonstrate the need to decide between the ‘sides' of herself. That usually comes down to disowning the white side because of past, present and anticipated future oppression of the black side. (as she sees it) When she has pointed out "what they’ve done to us", I’ve had to remind her that in her case, it was Us doing to Us.
The reason this article feels important to me is that it points out two important things. Firstly, Donald Trump does not just represent a departure from business as usual in DC. He represents, to far too many people, the ugliest side of American history. The idea that so many people are openly choosing his ideology is beyond my comprehension. I can only be grateful that he is so open about his beliefs. Because we need to face this part of our American heritage head on.

On the other hand, this article offers the good news that I will live by until the day I die. "Darkness cannot drive away darkness. Only light can do that." Derek Black wasgiven the opportunity to reconsider the racist ideology he was taught as child by when he was welcomed in by one brave, open, loving orthodox Jew.

Let us all, please, regard our Trump supporting brothers and sisters with nothing but pure love. Meanwhile, get out and VOTE in the direction we know our country must go: forward towards a better future for ALL OF US.