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IAM ...

I AM one with everything.


We are, all of us, here to experience a relationship with the rest of Life. By knowing others, we come to know ourselves. That is regardless of whether we easily love these so-called others, misunderstand them, eat them or visit briefly with them on our daily walks.

One of my favorite scriptures is when Moses is told to take off his shoes, because he's on sacred ground. (Acts 7:33) Not that I walk around everywhere without my shoes on, but when I do, I remember. I feel the coolness of the grass or the stone or the heat of the sand. And I know myself through that connection.

The foot feels the foot feels the foot when it touches the ground - attributed to the Buddha.

And I reckon the same thing goes for fingers touching trees and hands shaking hands and minds meeting. I am here to experience a relationship with the rest of life. By knowing others, I come to know myself.