The Next Level...

Do you set goals for yourself or mostly just wing it and see what happens?

I have been notorious for my "just let things happen" attitude. Maybe I've stuck with it because I've had such remarkable success with just "letting it be." Success in the sense of raging happiness and love.

Recently, though, I've been longing for more of a measurable sort of success. So, I've taken to setting goals and outlining precise plans for accomplishing them. This seems like such a personal evolution and it is... but maybe not the final step in becoming my best self. 

I'm on Vishen Lakhiani and MindValley's mailing list, because I really like the way this guy thinks. This week, he is recommending we consider the invitation of Michael Bernard Beckwith to consider the next level. This is the step beyond setting goals and telling the universe what we want to do. In what MBB calls Level III in consciousness evolution, we are asking yourself and the Universe, what is the highest idea of what we can be.

Beckwith suggests that setting goals is great, except that it is limited to what we already know or can imagine. When we open ourselves to a calling, the possibilities are boundless.

And yes. I feel a song brewing :)