Innie or Outie? - *High Notes for CSL-DC

So, it's not the question you think I'm asking, although you can answer that, if you feel compelled ;)

Yesterday in her talk, Alex shared about Belonging and Becoming. She asked whether each of us considered ourselves introverted or extroverted, by nature. As she pointed out, there are elements of both in all of us. One part is always reaching within to become more. Better. The other part reaches outward to share and learn from the rest of life.

Me? I LOVE to be alone. I could spend hours - weeks, in the woods just thinking and yes, talking out loud to myself. Letting songs come through... But also LOVE to be around people. I especially love performing, songsharing and deep conversations. It makes such perfect sense how the two feed one another, it's hard for me to tell which dominates in my personality.

COMMENT: Are you an innie or outie? (Introvert or Extrovert) Do you ever surprise yourself when the opposite side shows up?


*About High Notes: CSL-DC is a New Thought spiritual center where I often share music. The leader, Rev. Alex Escudero has invited me to be a guest blogger on their site, so this will be a weekly segment. These posts will feature an uplifting song or sound, as well as, a brief discussion. Since my blog, is meant to be a place to muse on the spirituality and psychology of my songwriting (and the music I love), this ought to be a perfect fit.