Hold On

Yes yes folks. I am taking my own advice.

Last year, I got the announcement that one of my favorite singer/songwriters had thrown in the towel and gotten her realtors license. I'm sure she's serving people well in that arena, but her talent as a musician is so astounding that it hurt me. I literally cried. I mean, watch this. This woman is... everything. Brooke Miller Video

And it made me think, hell, if she doesn't feel like she can "make it", what am I doing?

It is my good fortune that I am learning, day by day, what I'm doing. I'm holding on. Inch by by inch. Day by day. Keeping my eyes on the prize. And getting more clear about what the prize is to me. Starting here and now, I am so utterly grateful for every opportunity I get to sing with and for the young, the old and every one in between. It helps me to know that each step on my path is getting me where I'm going.

Lea performs her inspirational song "Hold On" at the Franklin Park Arts Center on March 20, 2010. This version of the video includes the full animation from the Goose Creek Live television show.